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The Pacific Humanitarian Team - from commitment to action


What is the Pacific Humanitarian Team?

The Pacific Humanitarian Team (PHT) is a network of humanitarian organizations that work together to assist the Pacific Island countries in preparing for and responding to disasters.

During disasters, the PHT provides support to the Pacific governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and communities in delivering a fast, effective and appropriate disaster response. Outside of disasters, the PHT works with the Pacific governments and partners to ensure that the necessary arrangements are in place to enable effective international support to a national disaster response. The PHT recognizes and respects national government leadership in disaster preparedness and response.

The PHT is guided by and committed to humanitarian principles and gender equality. The PHT promotes the participation of, and accountability towards, the affected communities to ensure the needs and rights of all disaster-affected people are met, including the most marginalized and the most vulnerable

Who makes up the PHT?

The PHT consists of humanitarian organizations working in the Pacific with the expertise and resources to support disaster preparedness and response in the region. The PHT members include the UN agencies, NGOs, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and other humanitarian agencies with the necessary capacity to respond in disasters and commitment to the PHT Code of Conduct. These organizations form the core of the PHT.

The wider PHT network includes national governments, donor agencies, regional, faith-based, civil society organizations (CSOs), the private sector and academia. These organizations play a critical role in the disaster preparedness and response in the Pacific and are regularly involved in the PHT activities. Although it has a humanitarian focus, the PHT works closely with development actors to ensure strong links with the existing networks and broader development goals and strategies.


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