PACE condemns any form of enforced population transfer

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Winter session: 23-27 January 2012

In a resolution adopted today on the basis of a report by Egidijus Vareikis (Lithuania, EPP/CD), PACE expressly condemned any form of enforced population transfer in Europe and elsewhere in the world, a practice which involves moving persons into or out of an area, either within or across an international border, or within, into or out of an occupied territory, without their free consent.

The Assembly pointed out that enforced population transfer violated international human rights law and also international criminal law and international humanitarian law, as well as public international law principles, and called on Council of Europe member States to condemn any such practice, including in their international relations with States outside Europe.

The PACE also asked the member States to promote, in international fora, the adoption of an international, legally binding instrument consolidating the existing standards set out in different international law instruments.

Voting result
Enforced population transfer as a human rights violation - Resolution 1863 (2012)