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Oxfam Emergencies updates: 23 March 2015 to 2 April 2015

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Yemen crisis

On the 25th March, a Saudi Arabian led coalition commenced a campaign of heavy airstrikes across much of Yemen. More than 60% of the population is already reliant on aid and this escalation will result in food and fuel shortages and hasten Yemen’s descent into a worsening humanitarian crisis. Instability and the government's decision to lift subsidies have driven up fuel prices. Without diesel, farmers struggle to power their water pumps and take food to the market. Continue reading. Grace Ommer, Oxfam’s country director in Yemen, said: “It is heartbreaking to watch conflict escalate in a country that is already grappling with a humanitarian crisis. Yemen's economy is on the brink of collapse. It is vital that supplies of food and fuel coming into Yemen are maintained to help those struggling to get clean water and enough to eat. International donors should increase their support at this critical time. Failure to do so will result in a humanitarian catastrophe unfolding throughout the country”. Oxfam continues to provide critical assistance to help those caught up in the crisis. Read our press release and for more information see OCHA update on the humanitarian situation. (Photo: Inside a house destroyed inYemen. Before the crisis more than 10m Yemenis did not have enough food to eat. Abbo Haitham, March 2015)