Operational guidance on Nutrition Sectoral/Cluster Coordination in the context of COVID-19, Version 2.0 of 6th of April 2020


As the number of countries at risk of a deterioration of the nutritional status of their vulnerable groups' due to COVID-19 increases, the GNC Coordination team (GNC-CT) will adapt the guidance and support provided for Nutrition Sectoral/Cluster Coordination, Inter-sectoral/Inter-cluster Coordination, and Information Management, to increase the relevance and flexibility of approaches to respond to the evolving challenges and opportunities.

The purpose of this document is to guide Nutrition Sector/Cluster coordination mechanisms at the national level on the adaptation of the core cluster coordination functions and working modalities, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This document will be updated regularly to provide guidance based on the latest available evidence and information, based on two scenarios:

• Scenario 1: No population mobility restrictions

• Scenario 2: Partial or full population mobility restrictions

This document does not include specific guidance on Nutrition Programming as this is covered by additional resources issued by the Global Technical Assistance Mechanism for Nutrition (GTAM) available from GNC COVID-19 Resources.