Online Training of Trainers in Psychological First Aid


The PS Centre has released the On-line Training of Trainers in Psychological First Aid during COVID-19 to support National Societies in expanding MHPSS support on a global scale. This training is for Red Cross Red Crescent staff and volunteers as well as other humanitarians who are already well trained in psychological first aid and preferably also experienced trainers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world and consequently increased MHPSS needs across various contexts. While National Societies respond to the rising mental health and psychosocial support needs, they are also adapting to and implementing remote support, such as telephone hotlines or other online services. Accordingly, many trainings in psychological first aid (PFA) of staff and volunteers have moved to online platforms.

Throughout the pandemic, the PS Centre developed online approaches, guidances, adaptable tools, videos, podcasts, and other materials on MHPSS. This was to ensure easy access to tools and resources that assist National Societies in their training efforts in MHPSS during COVID-19.