Office of Inspector General: Annual Plan Fiscal Year 2009

from US Agency for International Development
Published on 01 May 2009 View Original
USAID's OIG was established on December 16, 1980, by statutory amendment to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961.(1) On December 29, 1981, the President signed the International Security and Development Cooperation Act of 1981,(2) bringing the USAID Inspector General under the purview of the Inspector General Act of 1978.(3) OIG assumed audit and investigative oversight of USADF and IAF in 1999,(4) and MCC in 2004.(5)

The Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended, authorizes the Inspector General to conduct and supervise audits and investigations. As a result of this work, OIG promotes economy, efficiency, and effectiveness and detects and prevents fraud, waste, and abuse in USAID, USADF, IAF, and MCC programs and operations.

OIG established this plan to support its four strategic goals and to align with five key objectives in the USAID/U. S. Department of State Foreign Assistance Framework:

Goal 1-Strengthen the economy, effectiveness, and efficiency of foreign assistance programs and operations.

Goal 2-Protect U.S. foreign assistance programs and operations from fraud, waste, and abuse.

Goal 3-Strengthen USAID, USADF, IAF, and MCC management systems and controls.

Goal 4-Optimize OIG management programs and resources.

Each planned activity is described briefly under the strategic goal it supports. The decision to perform the specific work of this plan was made after considering the risks associated with USAID, USADF, IAF, and MCC programs and assessing potential vulnerabilities in internal controls.

Some OIG work is mandated by statute or other requirements, and other work is performed at the discretion of OIG. To identify and prioritize the audits and activities to undertake, OIG considers stakeholder interests and needs, alignment with strategic goals, and anticipated results.

Examples of significant audits and activities to be performed during FY 2009 are described below, arranged by strategic goal.

The results of this plan will be reported in future semiannual reports to Congress.