OFDA Annual Report for Fiscal Year 1993

Originally published


In FY 1993, OFDA responded to 65 new "declared" disasters. OFDA funding also covers additional funding for completion in prior-year and non-declared disasters. This year was marked by the OFDA response to the emergency in the Newly Independent States following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Total amount of US foreign Disaster Assistance spent in FY 1993 was $189,738,690.

Responded emergencies were as following;

Angola-Civil Strife, Benin-Refugees, Egypt-Earthquake, Eritrea-Tornado, Ethiopia-Drought, Food Shortages, and Returnees, Ethiopia-Locusts, Ghana-Refugees, Guinea-Bussau-Refugees, Kenya-Drought, Liberia-Civil Strife, Mozambique-Displaced Persons, Rwanda-Displaced Persons, Sierra Leone-Displaced Persons, Somalia-Civil Strife, Southern Africa-Drought, Sudan-Divil Strife/Displaced Persons, Togo-Displaced Persons, Zaire-Displaced Persons, Zaire-Civil Strife, Burma-Fire, China-Dam Burst, Fiji-Cyclone, India-Flood (I)(II), Indonesia-Earthquake, Mongolia-Winter Weather, Nepal-Floods, Philippines-Floods/Lahars, Philippines-Volcanic Eruption, Solomon Islands-Cyclone, South Asia-Locust Infestation, Vanuatu-Cyclone, Vietnam-Floods, Albania-Floods, Armenia-Emergency, Former Yugoslavia-Civil Strife, Iraq-Emergency, Lebanon-Displaces Persons, Tajikistan-Civil Strife, Tajikistan-Floods, Yemen-Floods, Yemen-Locust Infestation, Bolivia-Landslide, Ecuador-Floods, Honduras-Tropical Storm, Jamaica-Floods, Mexico-Floods/Mudslides, Nicaragua-Floods, Venezuela Tropical Storm.