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OCHA Evaluations Synthesis Report, 2010

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  1. OCHA evaluations serve the dual purpose of accountability for performance and results and learning to inform policy discussions and strategic decisions of OCHA’s senior management, as well as of other stakeholders. Individual evaluations inform on specific issues, activities or areas of work, with the aim of contributing to improved performance and organizational learning.

  2. With the present report, however, OCHA aims to go beyond the individual accountability and learning of a single evaluation. The analysis here presented takes into account all of what has been achieved, discerned and learnt in each of the evaluations conducted in OCHA during 2010, and outlines those recurring issues and common themes identified as repeatedly affecting the effective delivery of humanitarian assistance.

  3. By identifying these recurring problems, OCHA intends to enlighten policy directions and strategic choices to be made by OCHA’s senior management, to inform discussions on what are the most critical issues that need to be addressed to improve the delivery of humanitarian assistance, to ensure corporate learning, and to update managers, partners and all other stakeholders on the insights and lessons learned across all evaluations conducted during the period of analysis.

  4. Evaluations and reviews conducted by OCHA during 2010, and therefore included in this analysis are the following:

· Review of the OCHA Central Register of Disaster Management Capacities (January, 2010);

· IASC Cluster Approach Evaluation 2 (April, 2010);

· IASC Review of Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) (June, 2010);

· OCHA Gender Review (September, 2010);

· Inter-Agency Real Time Evaluation (RTE) of the Humanitarian Response to Typhoons Ketsaka and Parma in the Philippines (October, 2010).

· Inter-Agency RTE on the response to Pakistan Displacements (August, 2010);

· Inter-Agency RTE on the Response to Haiti’s Earthquake (October, 2010);

· Evaluation of OCHA Response to the Haiti Earthquake (December, 2010);

· Evaluation of the Common Humanitarian Funds (CHF) (December, 2010).

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