Nutrition of older people in emergencies


Module 23 of the Harmonised Training Package: Resource Material for Training on Nutrition in Emergencies (HTP)

This module discusses nutrition in older people in low to middle income countries affected by emergencies. It explores the demographics of ageing and how ageing affects nutrition. It then describes techniques for nutrition assessment and the assessment of functional outcomes of relevance to older people in their daily lives. Finally, it presents the range of interventions necessary to protect and support the nutritional wellbeing of this important population group in emergencies.

Who is the HTP for?

The HTP is a primarily a resource for trainers in the NiE sector and it can be used by individuals to increase their technical knowledge of the sector. It is designed to provide trainers from any implementing agency or academic institution with information from which to design and implement a training course according to the specific needs of the target audience, the length of time available for training and according to the training objectives. It can be used as stand-alone modules or as combined modules depending on the training needs.

What the HTP is not

The HTP is not a ready-to-use training course. It cannot be used as an ‘off the shelf' package; rather, it should be used as a resource package during a process of course development by experienced trainers.

How is the HTP organised?

Each module contains 5 parts which have a specific purpose as follows:

  • Acknowledgements - provides an overview of the reviewers who participated to ensure the quality of the modules.

  • The Fact Sheet - provides an overview of the module's topic and is designed for non-technical people to obtain a quick overview of the subject area.

  • The Technical Notes - for trainers and trainees, provides detailed technical guidance on current policies and practice.

  • The Trainers Guide - aims to help trainers develop a training course and provides tips and tools which can be adapted to the specific training context. Some modules contain visuals in this part.

  • Resources - lists of relevant available resources (including training materials) for the specific technical area. These resources are being made available in the Nutrition in Emergency Repository.