Nutrition Guidance Note: MAMI adaptations in the context of COVID-19: Management of AtRisk Mothers and Infants (22nd April - Version 1.0)

Manual and Guideline
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There is a risk of skewing the COVID-19 response too heavily towards health, risk communication and IPC. Whilst measures here are obviously essential, we must be mindful that the risk of death or disability from existing morbidities, could potentially far outweigh the risks associated with COVID-19. As such, MAMI programs, which are considered lifesaving and life sustaining, will need to be adapted and maintained throughout the COVID-19 response period, using simplified or modified protocols and platforms to maintain interaction. Note, key message dissemination (modified to the context) should be used to complement COVID-19 specific activities.

There is no international guidance on the adaptation of MAMI programs. As such, key messages/priority actions taken from other nutrition programming (relevant to MAMI) have been compiled in consort with additional recommendations for program adaptation.