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News Behind the News: April 2014

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Section One: Focus Countries re


Women Seek Education

Transformational Community Development (TCD) education projects with computers still attract many girls as well as boys. GHNI-Afghanistan share, “The computer lessons at the new Computer Centre are going well with 45 students registered and taking classes. These focus on computer basics, such as Word, Windows and Excel…In addition, our Transformational Community Development (TCD) worker has found the opportunity to talk to locals about self-sustainability and community ownership. Our worker also taught TCD health lessons on blood pressure and Birth Life Saving Skills…Some locals from neighboring villages also attended lessons this time. Increased awareness of the computer and health lessons, good teaching, and opportunities for female participants are some reasons for the good attendance.”

Burkina Faso

Inter-Tribal Unity

This is one of the poorest countries in Africa. Micro business in the villages helps women become more self-sustaining. The training has also brought together previously opposing tribal groups.

Our GHNI Leader wrote, “In the month of February, five women were selected by the village of Saneba to go through a soap-making training. The women who went through the training, including one we call Mama, represented the two ethnic groups in the village: the Mossi and the Dagara. Relations between the two groups haven’t been great over the years, but this training has helped bring them closer together…The women spent three days learning how to make soap using locally-available resources as well as learn how to start their own small business. One of the women said, ‘We never could have imagined the day that they would have the possibility to make soap and sell it.’”