A New Blueprint for Protecting Children in Humanitarian Settings

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Children make up 50% of populations affected in humanitarian settings and are disproportionately impacted by conflict and crisis. Thus, making sure they are at the centre of humanitarian action is as urgent as it is indispensable. On Monday, 6 December, from 15:00-16:00 CET, the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action will explain how its new Strategy intends to achieve this goal.

Co-hosted by the Government of Norway and with the participation of high-ranking UNHCR and UNICEF officials, the online event will introduce the new Alliance’s 2021-2025 Strategy entitled A Clarion Call - The Centrality of Children and their Protection within Humanitarian Action.

The new Alliance Strategy's overarching goal is to have the whole humanitarian system recognise and prioritise the centrality of children and their protection as essential and lifesaving. To achieve this objective, the Alliance believes that not only child protection professionals and specialised agencies, but all humanitarian actors have a role to play.

At the 6 December online event, Ambassador Tine Mørch Smith, Norway’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, Ms Gillian Triggs, UNHCR Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, and Mr Cornelius Williams, UNICEF Director of Child Protection will discuss what it would take for the international humanitarian system to achieve that goal.

Representatives from national NGOs in Syria, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Turkey will address the challenges and opportunities for making children's centrality and protection a reality across diferent country contexts. They will also share recommendations to the global community on what is needed to support their critical role on the front lines of humanitarian response.

The Alliance’s new Strategy articulates four interconnected priorities that require commitment, collaboration and collective action across the humanitarian system.

• First, make all humanitarian programmes accountable to children and ensure children’s meaningful and equitable participation.

• Second, transform how the child protection sector works by shifting power and resources to community-based, local and national actors.

• Third, work collaboratively across sectors instead of in silos, developing multi-sector and integrated programmes for child protection and wellbeing.

• Fourth, prioritise prevention as a critical element of child protection across all humanitarian action.

The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (The Alliance) sets standards and provides technical guidance to support humanitarian actors in preventing and responding to harm to children. Currently co-lead by UNICEF and Plan International, the Alliance is a consortium of over 160 member organisations, which include some of the largest humanitarian service delivery agencies in the world as well as multitude of local and national NGOs

In Brief
What The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action Launches its 2021-2025 Strategy
When Monday, 6 December 15:00-16:00 CET
Where Zoom Platform (Register Here)
Speakers Ambassador Tine Mørch Smith, Norway
Ms Gillian Triggs, UNHCR
Mr Cornelius Williams, UNICEF
Mr Riyad Al Najem, Hurras Network, Syria
Mr Jonas Habimana, BIFERD, DRC
Mr Simon Kangeta, AJEDI-Ka, DRC
Ms Zeynep Sanduvac, Nirengi Association, Turkey
Interviews Ms Audrey Bollier (CET) and Mr Hani Mansourian (EAT), the Alliance Co-Coordinators, are available for interviews.