NEAR – Network for Empowered Aid Response: Update on Progress since the World Humanitarian Summit

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Executive Summary:

NEAR, the Network for Empowered Aid Response was created from the desire by local and national non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America to promote a more equitable and dignified humanitarian and development system. NEAR’s Vision is to see communities and local and national capacities at the centre of all aid efforts. It also provides a much-needed forum for local and national NGOs to influence the wider policies and practices that affect their capacities and operations and the wellbeing of communities.

We envision increased genuine accountability to donors, the public, and affected communities by promoting greater transparency in local, national and international responses to humanitarian and development challenges. And we want people to be at the heart of every response so everyone from donors to affected communities can see the quantity and quality of what is delivered and received. We want to close the gap between the traditional aid system and the communities it aims to serve.
The Network has 56 ‘committed members’ who are now in the process of formalizing their membership to NEAR. The membership criteria application process was finalized in July 2017 and we are currently engaged in an aggressive membership drive that is expected to create a sizeable number of members from Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America.

To formalize the network, NEAR is envisioning having an Annual General meeting in March of 2018 to put all the members together to among others take common positions on various international discourse on the localization Agenda. Additionally, this being the first meeting we will also make decisions on the network’s organization structure, membership fees, elect various committees, discuss and adopt the articles of association among other important decisions for a new network. In solidarity with the disaster affected regions, it is envisioned that this meeting will be held in Nepal