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Multilateral Cooperation: A cornerstone of Switzerland‘s development and humanitarian aid policy


Three reasons for Switzerland to commit

  • Multilateral frameworks allow it to project its values.

By participating in the setting of international norms and agendas, Switzerland is able to play an influential role. Thanks to its extensive experience in development cooperation and humanitarian aid, its pragmatism and the values it upholds, it is regarded as a credible and reliable partner in multilateral organisations.

  • Global challenges call for joint responses.

Only by working together can we hope to eliminate extreme poverty and face up to the challenges that concern all the countries of the world. Multilateral organisations benefit from political legitimacy and considerable resources to address a wide range of issues worldwide, especially in armed conflict zones. By supporting these organisations, Switzerland offers an appropriate response to the challenges of the 21st century and enlarges its sphere of influence.

  • Switzerland benefits from its multilateral commitments.

Multilateral organisations are essential for drawing up international norms. Thanks to its commitments,
Switzerland is able to defend its interests and forge close links with key partners. These alliances have a positive impact on Switzerland’s international image and on its foreign and economic policies. They are also the ideal means of promoting international Geneva.