Multi-country outbreak of monkeypox, External situation report #1 - 6 July 2022



• Updates on the multi-country outbreak of monkeypox has transitioned from the Disease Outbreak News to a biweekly situation report. The situation report will provide details such as the latest epidemiology, new guidance documents and updates on WHO advice. For information not included in this report, please see the Disease Outbreak News published on 27 June 2022.

• WHO published a guidance document to provide public health advice for gatherings during the current monkeypox outbreak on 28 June. The advice was developed for host governments, public health authorities, national or international organizers, and professional staff involved in the planning and delivery of gatherings, including people organizing smaller gatherings or attending gatherings of any type and size.

• The outbreak continues to primarily affect men who have sex with men who have reported recent sex with one or multiple male partners, suggesting no signal of sustained transmission beyond these networks for now.

Epidemiological Update

From 1 January to 4 July 2022, 6027 laboratory confirmed cases of monkeypox and three deaths have been reported to WHO from 59 countries/territories/areas in five WHO Regions (African Region, Region of the Americas, Eastern Mediterranean Region, European Region, Western Pacific Region) (Table 1). Since the previous Disease Outbreak News was published on 27 June 2022, 2614 new cases, (77% increase) and two new deaths have been reported; nine new countries/territories/areas have reported cases. Ten countries have not reported new cases for over 21 days, the maximum duration of the incubation period of the disease. This is the first time that local transmission of monkeypox has been reported in newly-affected countries without epidemiological links to countries that have previously reported monkeypox in West or Central Africa.