More support needed for climate change adaptation in Africa, says workshop

from UN Environment Programme
Published on 10 Apr 2012 View Original

Nairobi, 10 April 2012 - Around 120 representatives from some 20 African countries, NGOs, UN Agencies and other organizations have together stressed the need for greater support for climate change adaptation efforts in Africa, following a workshop held at the headquarters of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

The event entitled Sharing Lessons in Africa on Climate Change Adaptation was organized by the CC-DARE Initiative (Climate Change Adaptation and Development), which is jointly run by UNEP and the UN Development Programme (UNDP).

CC-DARE supports countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and Small Island Developing States to remove barriers and create opportunities for integrating climate change adaptation into national development plans.

On the final day of the workshop, countries adopted a series of recommendations to enhance the capacity of communities, governments and other organizations to undertake and support adaptation projects

Main recommendations included:

  • African Governments to make budget allocations in their national budgets for the implementation of climate change adaptation interventions

  • CC-DARE and other development partners to widen their scope and intervene in areas such as curriculum development, climate research and innovation

  • Best practices and approaches in climate change adaptation should be packaged and communicated to partners

The model of CC-DARE should be replicated in the designing of bigger adaptation projects in order to bring effective and efficient results

Overall, the workshop aimed to provide a forum for knowledge sharing and exchange of ideas on common climate change risks, build on lessons learned from projects across Africa, formulate common solutions in support of national policy processes and identify best practices for delivering adaptation solutions.

The event followed the confirmation last month of a donation of US$15 million from the Government of Norway to support the expansion of projects supported by CC-DARE in Malawi.

CC-DARE activities in the country include an initiative by the Bunda College of Agriculture (University of Malawi) to integrate climate change adaptation in agriculture and natural resource management. As part of this initiative, plans to develop a MSc curriculum in Environment and Climate Change are underway.

The funding from Norway will allow this - and other initiatives in Malawi which encourage local communities to tackle food insecurity and environmental degradation - to be expanded and also duplicated in other parts of the country.

These collective efforts will be led by a new project, Research and Outreach for Managing Climate Change in Malawi (TROMACC), which is to last five years, beginning in August 2012. The overall goal of the project is to improve livelihoods and food security through innovative responses and enhanced capacity for climate change.

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