Monitoring & Evaluation: Minimum Standards and Guidelines

from Norwegian Refugee Council
Published on 31 Dec 2016 View Original

Monitoring and Evaluation at NRC: Quality Programs, Accountability, and Continuous Learning

NRC is committed to measuring and understanding program performance as an integral part of providing quality humanitarian assistance. Our approach to monitoring and evaluation addresses three central questions:

  • Are we on track and progressing towards our goals?
  • Are we making a meaningful difference?
  • How can we improve, or do better?

These questions include concerns about program relevance, timeliness, efficiency, effectiveness, and beneficiary acceptance.

The primary purpose of monitoring and evaluation is to improve service provision and program impact for people affected by displacement. Systematic collection of evidence on ‘what works’ (or is not working) is critical to flexible and responsive program management, learning from our success and challenges, and accountability to beneficiaries and other stakeholders. Understanding program performance supports better decision-making, which leads to stronger program design and organizational strategy.