Mixed Migration Flows in the Mediterranean and Beyond: Compilation of available data and information (24 Mar - 30 Mar 2016)

from International Organization for Migration
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  • The total number of migrants and refugees stranded in Greece and in the Western Balkans is 56,578. For a more detailed look, please see the accommodation pages of Greece, fYROM, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

  • On 18 March , EU leaders met with their Turkish counterpart, Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmed Davutoğlu. They reached an agreement aimed at stopping the flow of irregular migration via Turkey to Europe. The main action points of the agreement are available, please see page 9.

  • FRONTEX Risk Analysis Network Q4 (2015) was published on 10 March 2016. The number of irregular border crossings, done between border crossing points reached a total of 978, 338 in Q4 of 2015. In total on the East Mediterranean Route there was a total of 483 910 crossings by land and sea. Read more here.

  • Over the reporting period (24 –30 March) countries of first arrival (Italy, Greece, and Bulgaria) saw an average decrease of 45% in numbers of arrivals compared with the previous week.

  • See sections on Greece and Italy for an update on the EU’s Relocations Plan.

  • For numbers of fatalities and missing persons in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, go to page 45.

  • For information on this report, including details on the sources of this report’s data and tallying methodologies used, please see page 51.

  • For information on IOM’s Early Warning Information Sharing Network, please see page 46.

  • Information about “contingency countries”, Albania, Kosovo (SCR 1244)*, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, is on page 47.

  • Flow Monitoring: As of 30 March 2016 IOM field staff in Greece, fYROM, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary and Slovenia had amassed interviews with 8,845 migrants and refugees. The data from these interviews is analysed in a separate accompanying report titled “Analysis - Flow Monitoring Surveys in the Mediterranean and Beyond.” This week’s report focuses on Moroccans and Algerian respondents, representing 78% of African nationals surveyed.

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