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Mixed Migration Flows in the Mediterranean and Beyond: Compilation of available data and information (4 - 10 Feb 2016)

Situation Report
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1. Highlights

  • Flow Monitoring: As of 10 February 2016 IOM field staff in Greece, fYROM, Croatia, and Slovenia had amassed interviews with over 4,681 migrants and asylum seekers, of which 406 people were interviewed over the week from 4 February – 10 February. Individuals of Syrian, Afghan, Iraqi, Iranian and Pakistani nationalities comprised 94% of all respondents.

  • See sections on Greece and Italy for an update on the EU’s Relocations Plan.

  • For numbers of fatalities and missing persons in the Mediterranean and Aegan seas, go to page 35.

  • See the Northern Route section for developments in the news about the route to Finland and Norway from Russia.

  • See the sections for Greece, fYROM, Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia for maps showing the transport and logistics used between entry, transit, and exit points.

  • For information on this report, including details on the sources of this report’s data and tallying methodologies used, please see page 37. On 06 January 2016 Germany’s Ministry of Interior announced that it had begun using a new system to count arrivals in 2015, rather than the asylum application system. The new numbers indicate that there may have been a larger overall number of arrivals to Europe in 2015 than has to date been detected in countries of transit. For a fuller explanation of this difference, please see page 37.

  • For a snapshot of first time asylum applications in the EU28 and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland compiled by Eurostat and analysed by IOM, please see page 48.