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Member States continue to drive financial support to WHO/Europe

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A total of US$ 210 million (€177 million) in specified voluntary contributions was received by WHO/Europe for the first half of 2020, from 81 contributors. A large proportion of this amount (59%) was from Member States, followed by intergovernmental organizations – mainly the European Union (EU) (17%), United Nations organizations (6.5%), partnerships (6%), and non-state actors (including philanthropic foundations, private sector entities, academic institutions and nongovernmental organizations) (4%).

Over this period, the top 3 donors were Germany (US$ 37.2 million/€31.3 million), the EU (US$ 35.6 million/€30 million), and the United States of America (US$ 30.3 million/€25.5 million). As well as increasing the total value of their donations in recent years, these donors have been among the top 3 since 2016. European Member States’ contributions together with the EU’s represented 57% of total voluntary funding to WHO/Europe at the end of June 2020.

Of the specified voluntary funding received from Member States of the WHO European region, and the EU, most of this funding (63%) is allocated directly to the WHO Regional Office for Europe (WHO/Europe)’s work in countries. Of this amount, Turkey receives 28% and Ukraine 11%, a concentration of funds largely explained by emergency operations in these countries.

From January to the end of June 2020, just over half of WHO/Europe’s funding (51%) has been directed towards work for emergencies, including the COVID-19 outbreak. This contributes to the global strategic priority set down in WHO’s 13th General Programme of Work, to address health emergencies. A further 22% has been put towards the third global priority of promoting healthier populations, and 20% to the first priority, achieving universal health coverage. WHO’s European Member States, together with the EU, have also assumed a leadership role as contributors to the global COVID-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan with their combined voluntary contributions (close to US$ 750 million/€631.5 million) representing more than half of total funds pledged and received to date.