Measuring Landmine Incidents and Injuries and the Capacity to Provide Care

from Physicians for Human Rights
Published on 01 Mar 2000
This manual offers tools to measure the impact of landmines, aiming to ensure that data collection proceeds according to appropriate scientific methods and allows the comparison of data between differing regions and countries. Main tools discussed are:

Overview Tools
- Country Capacity Tool
- Key Informant Tool

Epidemiological Tools
- Hospital Surveillance or Survey of Landmines Injuries Tool
- Community Survey Tool

Capability and Social Reintegration Tools
- Hospital Capability Survey Tool
- Orthopaedic/Rehab Center Capability Survey Tool
- Social Reintegration and Rehabilitation Survey Tool

The tools are meant to be of assistance to all parties concerned with the effects of landmines on the public health of nations, and may also be of use to communities as a guide to target donor funding for future interventions.