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Mapping of best community practices for accompanying eviction situations of refugees and migrants from Venezuela, February 2021

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This mapping of community experiences for the defense of the right to adequate housing in situations of risk of eviction or eviction in progress brings together practices and strategies used by families, collectives and community organizations that have different origins and interests in the region, and also those on other continents.

These best practices represent a contribution from the Regional Protection Sector of the R4V Platform to strengthen support to groups of Venezuelan refugees and migrant families, although several chapters relate to the protection of families or individuals.

The mapped practices were selected based on the positive impact they have had in real situations of housing and the defense of land; situations in which tools available to the communities were used to strengthen organizational processes and their relationship with public entities and organizations based on their rights. We have divided this mapping into five chapters that include: key experiences, the importance of access to and dissemination of information, elements required for conducting censuses and collecting community information, review of creative community projects to manage evictions, and finally, the situation of COVID-19 and evictions.

The experiences shared in this document respond to particular moments and conditions of in communities and countries in which they occurred. They can be used as inspiring actions for community processes in the region, or as a starting point for the planning of activities that contribute to guaranteeing the right to adequate housing. In general, these experiences can serve as a referential framework when organizing responses from organizations and communities to eviction situations. This mapping of best practices makes permanent reference to documents and methodologies used by the communities. We have chosen to include the links to access the complete documents online in the footnotes so that they can be consulted for the eventual strengthening of the methodologies developed in the selected cases.

This document is linked to the Legal Guide and forms part of the Regional Toolbox. Both tools share the same glossary and are complementary approaches that bring together community experiences and legal guidelines to protect refugees and migrants from Venezuela against forced evictions.