Logistics Cluster Working Groups: Terms of reference, August 2019

from World Food Programme, Logistics Cluster
Published on 31 Aug 2019 View Original


In 2018, the Logistics Cluster community approved a number of Working Groups (WG) that have had a variety of outputs over the years, although some WGs have stalled due to lack of stakeholder or member support, or not meeting clear outputs. In December 2018, the Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) agreed that a more structured process was required to clarify the purpose of a WG, the role of the members, reporting requirements, outcomes, and the roles and responsibility of the SAG towards the WG (and the wider Logistics Cluster community).

Purpose of this document

This document outlines how a WG should be structured, the need to identify requirements and deliverables, and how it defines its governance, roles, and responsibilities.

WGs are expected to work to specific Terms of Reference (ToR) and towards clearly defined outcomes in line with the Logistics Cluster strategy. WGs will discontinue upon completion of their tasks, or when the SAG or plenary of a Global Meeting decides that the WG is no longer relevant or required.

This ToR explains the process by which a Logistics Cluster WG can be set up, outlines the preconditions and prerequisites of a WG, the roles and responsibilities of the members, reporting lines, and clarifies the difference between a WG and an information sharing group.