Liaison Magazine Vol. VII Spring 2015: Connecting the dots - Partnership for a stronger community

The Director’s Letter

Col. Joseph Martin, USAF

Welcome to the most recent edition of Liaison magazine. It is a great honor to lead the Center for Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance (CFE-DMHA), and I am proud to present this edition of our magazine to the disaster management community. As a Department of Defense organization,
CFE-DMHA is uniquely postured to provide the conduit between the disaster management communities within the military, U.S. and international government agencies, and the range of nongovernmental organizations.
We take that responsibility seriously, and this magazine is one of those vessels.
Since arriving CFE-DMHA in May of 2014, I have gained a much broader appreciation for the interaction of the world community in both disaster preparedness and response.
This magazine provides a forum by which the world’s practitioners can share their experiences and research to provide to the greater good. It is often heard that we have a lot of lessons observed, but not a lot of lessons learned. Perhaps something in this issue will resolve an issue for you.
Or better yet, perhaps your experience can help others not to repeat the same experience you had. Share… learn…improve.
Under the contextual heading of “Connecting the Dots…Partnerships for a stronger community,” this issue pulls in the experiences of on-theground practitioners in the Indian Ocean Tsunami, the Great East Japan Earthquake, and Super Typhoon Haiyan. It blends key articles on creating organizations, partnership improvement, and even the use of technologies, with the single goal of saving lives and alleviating suffering.
You, the practitioner, have the opportunity to incorporate these lessons now, before the next disaster occurs.
The next issue of the Liaison is already under development and will focus on challenges in civil-military coordination. Through your experience, research and lessons learned, that edition promises to bring to the disaster management community an in-depth look at how these two communities have evolved and continue to improve in our coordinated activities, in support of our common goals.
It is not too late to contribute to that issue, or to provide suggestions for future versions.
Please visit our website at to learn more about our mission and partnership oppurtunities.