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Latin America & the Caribbean: Weekly Situation Update (17-23 February) As of 24 February 2020

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Flooding in the northern provinces of Chaco, La Rioja, Salta and Tucumán led to the evacuation of hundreds of people.
Chacos declared an emergency over the rains and flooding that affected 35,000 people, according to ECHO. Authorities evacuated some 200 people after receiving as much as 192mm of rainfall.

Flooding in Tucumán has damaged roads and cut off access to certain communities. Authorities report that some 100 families were evacuated. La Rioja reports that the rain affected 1,000 people, prompting the military to respond to affected communities.

Some 160 families in Salta evacuated their homes - many of those affected in Salta are from the indigenous Wichi community, who are in the midst of a WASH and sanitation emergency.


Torrential rains from the previous week continued across Bolivia, with the Ministry of Defence reporting that the number of affected families is now up to 10,727, with some 2,700 rendered homeless, along with 19 deaths. The rainfall has also affected 414 homes, 5,300 hectares of farmland and nearly 11,000 cattle heads. The Ministry specified that the affected families are located across 67 municipalities in eight of Bolivia’s nine departments.

La Paz declared a state of emergency, as have 10 municipalities across other departments. The Ministry delivered aid to these municipalities, including food supply, hygiene kits, tools and tents.

According to the Ministry, the Government convened the National Risk Reduction and Disaster and Emergency Response Council (CONARADE). The Ministry says that the Vice-ministry of Civil Defence (VIDECI) has the resources to respond.


In Ayacucho in south-east Peru, flash flooding and subsequent landslides displaced more than 260 families, according to the National Emergency Operations Centre (COEN). COEN adds that the floods damaged 100 homes in the Victor Fajardo district. The Governor of Ayacucho is requesting the Executive to declare a state of emergency to expedite response actions, as done on 20 February for the departments of Huánuco, Junín, La Libertad, Pasco and San Martín over recent flooding.

The Ministry of Health deployed emergency teams and supplies to the area on 16 February. Authorities say that rescue operations have been hampered by damage to main roads.

Similar flooding and landslides in the southern department of Puno damaged homes, displacing dozens of affected people and leaving at least two dead. COEN indicates that overflowing rivers damaged or destroyed at least 200 homes, three bridges and farmland in the Asillo district. This incident was followed by flooding in the Sandia district, affecting 120 families and displacing another 30. In Arequipa in the south-west, INDECI reports flood damage to more than 50 homes, a health centre and road infrastructure, cutting off some of the affected districts.

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