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Latin America and the Caribbean - Humanitarian Snapshot: January - February 2018




A 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Oaxaca, Mexico, a region still recovering from significant damages after a September 2017 earthquake that killed hundreds.

Flooding in Guatemala and Panama and heavy rainfall in Honduras caused significant damage to homes and crops.
National authorities have responded by delivering food and dry goods to those affected.


Recent data from OCHA Colombia and the Information Management and Analysis Unit (UMAIC) reveals that internal displacement is on the rise, as approximately 50 per cent more people have been displaced in January and February 2018 compared to the same reporting period in 2017.

Persistent flooding across the continent has affected more than 125,000 people in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and Paraguay.


Nearly six months after Hurricane Maria devastated Dominica, the Caribbean country has managed to resumed public services and reopen public schools.
However, 80 per cent of the island still lacks electricity, adequate roofing for houses remains a concern, and school attendance has yet to reach normal levels.

In Haiti, data for January 2018 deportations from Dominican Republic migration authorities shows a 245 per cent increase from January 2017.


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