The Kosovo Report

Originally published


This report examines key developments prior to, during and after the Kosovo war. Aiming to help governments frame a policy of sustained engagement in the development of a peaceful Kosovo and bring together the Independent International Commission's thinking on Kosovo as a precedent for future forms of humanitarian intervention, its three parts discuss the following issues:

What happened? Documenting the factual chronology of the Kosovo crisis, the spiral of repression and resistance, NATO's intervention, the peace agreement of June 1999, and the present situation of Kosovo as a province administered by the UN.

Analysis of contested aspects of the intervention, including the failure of diplomacy, alternatives to intervention, international law, the role of NGOs and the media, and the response to the refugees crisis. In addition, effects on the region in terms of political and economic impact as well as options for Kosovo's future status are examined.

Conclusions aiming to ensure lasting peace and security for Kosovo in particular and the Balkan region in general are offered, applicable to the treatment of conflict the world over.