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Kimse Yok Mu Report on Health Activities

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Despite the significant decrease in the number of people who die from easily preventable diseases, third world countries are still plagued by diseases which can be cured cost-effectively. Our organization focuses on three different highly efficient strategies to save lives and help communities escape from the vicious cycle they are in. The categories under which we operate are cataract surgeries, hospital construction & administration and health scan programs.

One of the major diseases that fall under this category is cataract. The number of people who lose their sight due to third stage cataract disease (complete loss of sight without permanent damage to eyes) or fourth stage (permanent damage to eyes accompanied with blindness due to cataract) will reach 75 million in Central Africa alone by the end of 20201.
Secondly, while lack of properly equipped hospitals and health clinics prevent the handling of many easily-treated diseases, unsterile health centers often cause epidemics. Lack of professional hospitals prevent many organizations from finding capable partner centers to execute health related projects in the field. Our health scan programs are especially needed in crisis situations during which present healthcare facilities are incapable of meeting the increased need. These ad hoc healthcare supports meet the short-term dire need for medical attention in disaster stricken communities.