Key learnings on Localisation from Charter4Change Signatories and Endorsers

from Charter for Change
Published on 04 Feb 2019 View Original

As humanitarians gather in Geneva for the Humanitarian Network and Partnership Week (HNPW), 4-8 February 2019, the Charter4Change group has shared 4 key learnings from their work on localisation to support broader change within the sector,

  1. Actively promote and recognise the critical role local actors play in effective humanitarian action (C4C Commitments 5, 6, 8)

  2. Identify more creative ways of partnering, which can support the growth of local actors, and meet the increasingly complex due diligence requirements in our system (Commitments 2,4, 7)

  3. Increasing funding to local actors isn't easy - even for agencies who've made the commitment, especially as it's hard to track the flow of funding (Commitments 1 and 3)

  4. Effectively communicate our commitments, within our own organisations

The Charter4Change (C4C) which started in 2015, brings together 36 international NGOs (Signatories) working to implement the 8 C4C commitments grouped around issues of equality, effectiveness, transparency, representation, funding and resource recognition, and support for local capacity. The C4C signatories are joined by 234 national and local NGO endorsers, keen to encourage their INGO partners to improve their partnership practices in order to deliver better outcomes for crisis-affected people.