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Japan provides US$69 million to save lives and change lives in 28 countries

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YOKOHAMA– The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has welcomed a total of US$69 million in funding from the Government of Japan to provide vital food, nutrition and resilience building support in 28 countries across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Of the total contributions, US$18 million will be used to continue to support vulnerable families in Yemen where over 20 million people are struggling to meet their daily food needs.

Japan continues to support the Sahel where conflict and climate change have pushed millions into food insecurity. A total of US$3.5 million will be used to provide life-saving food and nutrition assistance to Malian refugees in Mauritania, internally displaced populations and host communities affected by conflict and food insecurity in Mali. A contribution of US$1.5 million will be used to support the recovery and build the resilience of people affected by climate issues in Sierra Leone.

WFP’s nutrition assistance in Sub-Saharan African countries will also benefit from Japan’s generous support to promote the full growth of children and the health of pregnant and breastfeeding women to help change lives and break the cycle of poverty.

“We are very grateful for the generous support from the Government and people of Japan, which contributes to our work transitioning from humanitarian emergencies to longer-term development,” said Naoe Yakiya, Director of WFP Japan Office. “Today, we are facing a rise in the number of hungry people globally, reaching 821 million people. To address both urgent needs and underlying causes of hunger, we are working to promote the Humanitarian Development-Peace nexus because without peace and stability, we will not achieve our long-term goal of Zero Hunger.”

Japan has consistently been one of WFP’s top donors and has contributed US$958 million since 2014.

The breakdown of the US$69 million contributions is as follows:

Yemen (US$18.4 million), Iraq (US$9.2 million), Syria (US$4.3 million), Bangladesh (US$3.4 million), Mali (US$2.5 million), Republic of Congo (US$2.2million), Burkina Faso (US$2 million), Cameroon (US$2 million), Guinea (US$2 million), Nigeria (US$2 million), Somalia (US$2 million), Uganda (US$ 2million), Kenya (US$1.8 million), Turkey (US$1.8 million), Chad (US$1.5 million), Sierra Leone (US$1.5 million), Afghanistan (US$1.3 million), Burundi (US$1 million) Guinea-Bissau (US$1 million), Madagascar (US$1 million), Mauritania (US$1 million), Rwanda (US$1 million), Libya (US$0.8 million), Palestine (US$0.8 million), Jordan (US$0.8 million), Angola (US$0.5 million), Eswatini (US$0.5 million), Zimbabwe (US$0.5 million).


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