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Italy increases funding to UNDP to €4.2m for 2015

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New York—The Italian Government announced that it will increase its 2015 core contribution to the United Nations Development Programme to €4.2m to help UNDP fulfill its coordination role for the UN system.

“I think the UN can have better effects on the ground if it has predictable financing,” Italian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Sebastiano Cardi said. “This is why core financing to UNDP is critical, and Italy would like to participate.”

Ambassador Cardi said Italy’s priorities align with those of UNDP in terms of issue areas and geographic focus. Italy places special emphasis on fighting poverty, food security, human development, women’s empowerment, democratic participation and rule of law. It supports projects in the Palestinian territories, Lebanon, Somalia and elsewhere.

Regular, or “core”, budget resources allow UNDP to mount a quick response to emerging crisis and in the case of natural disaster. The core budget often supports the poorest and most vulnerable countries around the world.

“We have a fantastic relationship with UNDP, especially because UNDP works at the local level,” Ambassador Cardi said. “Partnering with UNDP in these countries, which are priority for Italy, gives us a real added value.”

2015 is a pivotal year for international development. This year, UN Member States are set to agree on several critical global issues, including a proposed set of Sustainable Development Goals that are expected to build on the successes of the Millennium Development Goals, as well as a new global climate change agreement.

Italy’s continuing support to UNDP signifies a strong partnership with the aim to help those in need around the world, while also helping to shape the future of sustainable development for everyone.

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