Investment case for vaccine-preventable diseases surveillance in the African Region 2020-2030

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The VPD investment case is a high-level framework applicable to all countries in the African region. It made it possible to create an overview of the situation on a continental scale, to understand the macroscopic challenges, to assess the maturity of African countries’ VPD surveillance systems using standardized methodology, and to establish a first order of magnitude in terms of investments and benefits expected from the strengthening of these systems. Finally, it made it possible to define a shared vision for VPD surveillance in Africa for 2030.

This work at the regional level must be complemented by detailed analyses at the level of each country in order to adapt the high-level vision to the local context, to align with the existing situation and current country priorities, to adopt a more granular approach in terms of costing and investment, to integrate with the local IDSR strategy, and to build a pragmatic and actionable roadmap. It is essential that these processes and outcomes are owned by the local government and stakeholders.