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Internal Displacement Update, Issue 9: 12 - 25 January 2017




Affected areas

Cause of displacement

Between 90 and 230 IDPs killed


Between 90 and 230 IDPs were killed on 17 January when the Nigerian air force accidentally bombed a displacement camp in Rann, in north-eastern Nigeria, while targeting Boko Haram militants (Le Monde, 24 January 2017). The overall situation continues to be of concern, with tens of thousands of displaced people in Rann struggling with severe food shortages and high levels of malnutrition (OCHA, 19 January 2017). The UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of internally displaced persons, Cecilia Jimenez-Damary, expressed dismay at the bombing. “This tragedy should never have happened and brings into stark focus the perilous situation that many internally displaced persons continue to experience in this region of Nigeria. The safety of IDPs must be guaranteed,” she said (OHCHR, 19 January 2017).