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Internal Displacement Update, Issue 31: 8 February - 7 March 2018

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Feature: Syria

Approximately 20,000 people were displaced from Eastern Ghouta, mostly to Hamouriyeh area between 11 and 17 March because of the continued government offensive. This includes more than 600 people who were evacuated from Duma and unverified 300 people from East Harasta. It is not clear how many people from the priority medical evacuation list were part of the displaced or evacuated population (OCHA, 17 Mar 2018). Furthermore, it is estimated that at least 20,000 people were displaced between 1 February and 13 March within the enclave (OCHA, 13 Feb 2018).

Approximately 98,000 people were displaced from Afrin district, between 20 January and 18 March as a result of the Turkish intervention. The number of displacements within Afrin is unknown (OCHA, 18 Mar 2018).