Insight issue 2: Forgotten Minefields

from Mines Advisory Group
Published on 30 Nov 2015 View Original

The news that Mozambique has declared itself landmine-free is cause for celebration and a huge achievement. But we must acknowledge the tragic truth that much more needs to be done to make life safe for the thousands of people still living with these hidden killers in other countries.

We must not let minefields be forgotten. Whenever and wherever wars happen, innocent people should not be the ones who pay the price.

In this edition of Insight:

• Pages 4-7, Sri Lanka: Partnerships between the Government, donors and clearance agencies can make the country free from landmines by 2020.

• Pages 8-9, Angola: Such is the desperate need for land that many people are building houses and farming on unsafe soil.

• Pages 14-17, Democratic Republic of Congo: With international support, completing the clearance of mines is achievable as early as 2018. The second most affected province, Katanga, could be mine free in 2016.