Innocenti Research Brief (2019-07) - Evidence and Gap Map Research Brief: Unicef Strategic Plan 2018–2021 Goal Area 3: Every Child is protected from Violence and Exploitation

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What this research brief is about

This research brief is one of a series of five briefs, which provide an overview of available evidence shown in the Campbell-UNICEF Mega-Map of the effectiveness of interventions to improve child welfare in low and middleincome countries (LMICs). These briefs summarize evidence as mapped against the five goal areas of UNICEF’s 2018–2021 Strategic Plan, although it is anticipated that they will also be useful for others working in the child well-being space.

This brief provides an overview of the available evidence related to ensuring that every child is protected from violence and exploitation.

The purpose of the research brief is to:

  • Make potential users aware of the map and its contents

  • Identify areas in which there is ample evidence to guide policy and practice, and so encourage policymakers and practitioners to use the map as a way to access rigorous studies of effectiveness

  • Identify gaps in the evidence base, and so encourage research commissioners to commission studies to fill these evidence gaps