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Information Management Role in Asia-Pacific Regional Cash Working Group | July 2022



Information management aims to ensure that critical information relevant to cash programming is readily available to support evidence-based decision making and further add value to the knowledge base in the region for relevant stakeholders(review examples of CVA analysis). This involves collection of cash related activity data via existing inter-agency in-country tools (prioritize existing OCHA tools) -- and development of tools to collect this data where required; this data is then analysed to support reporting of achievements (key performance indicators), gaps, duplication, advocacy, and other operational decisions for national CWGs -- as well as add value to regional strategic discussions. The information manager and CVA coordinator / program officer are in a position to adapt products based on the specific context needs. Establishing of effective IM systems in the region has improved the capacity of stakeholders for analysis and decision making through strengthened collection, processing, interpretation, and dissemination of information at the CWG and inter-cluster level. This includes establishment of tools for CWG activity monitoring, FSP analysis, and contingency planning.