INEE Minimum Standards for Education - Preparedness, Response, Recovery [EN/AR]

from Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies
Published on 01 Jun 2010 View Original
The Minimum Standards for Education: Preparedness, Response, Recovery is the only global tool that articulates the minimum level of educational quality and access in emergencies through to recovery, providing good practices for coordinated action by governments, humanitarian workers and education practitioners. Initially developed in 2004, the INEE Minimum Standards have been used in over 80 countries worldwide and translated into 23 languages. Since the first edition of the Handbook, substantial progress has been made in reaching the millions of children and youth without access to education. Education in emergencies is now prioritized by many governments and humanitarian professionals as life-saving and life-sustaining. The 2010 edition of the INEE Minimum Standards brings together learning and good practice from the thousands of users of the 2004 Handbook, and reinforces the message that is heard time and again from communities in places such as Haiti and Sudan: not only is education an essential survival intervention in emergencies, but it is a priority which provides hope for the future and enables opportunities.