IMAS Mine Risk Education Best Practice Guidebook 1

Manual and Guideline
Originally published


This guidebook is part of a series of twelve best practice guidebooks that provide practical advice for implementing the mine risk education component of the International Mine Action Standards. The series addresses a wide range of issues, including coordination of mine risk education, dissemination of public information, implementing projects, establishing community mine action liaisons, and mine risk education in emergencies.

Guidebook 1 provides an overview and analysis of mine risk education, its history and development. It is divided into 6 main sections.

Section 1 looks at the definition of MRE, including its main goals, activities and beneficiaries.
Section 2 discusses the role of MRE within mine action as well as in the context of broader relief and development work.
Section 3 provides a brief history of the discipline for newcomers to MRE.
Section 4 summarises the MRE project cycle.
Section 5 lays down guiding issues and principles for MRE projects and programmes.
Section 6 reviews the national coordination of MRE projects and programmes.