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The IDP-Initiative quarterly update, September 2020

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Solutions are the focus of this Quarterly Update on UNHCR’s Initiative on Internal Displacement (2020-2021). Included within the content are real-time examples drawn from several IDP settings. Certain themes are also highlighted, including the importance of partnerships, the criticality of data, the primacy of consultation, the added-value of UNHCR’s tri-cluster coordination synergies, and the necessity to create an enabling environment.

This is the second Quarterly Update on UNHCR’s Step-Up on Internal Displacement– focused on Solutions.

UNHCR is committed to being decisive, predictable and effective in situations of internal displacement. The 2019 Policy on UNHCR’s Engagement in Situations of Internal Displacement provides updated guidance on our role in Preparedness, Operational Delivery, Coordination Leadership and the Search for Solutions, in cooperation with States and within the interagency framework.

While UNHCR is engaged in internal displacement response in 33 country operations, the IDPInitiative demonstrates this Step-Up through thematic, strategic and operational dimensions in nine target operations – Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Iraq, Sudan, South Sudan and Ukraine.