ICVA Bulletin: Highlights from October 2019

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Message from Executive Director

“Diversity without inclusion is exclusion.” Just a catchphrase?

As 2019 enters its final quarter, the world increasingly finds itself under protest.

Climate change has taken a rightful position as one of the main concerns. We are also seeing movements in opposition to austerity and economic warfare. We are witnessing mass protests triggered by a tax on the use of WhatsApp in Lebanon, by the lowering of fuel subsidies in Ecuador and Haiti, by a social media tax in Uganda, by subway fare hikes in Chile or by cuts to food and fuel subsidies in Sudan. People are objecting to further social exclusion.

The rupture of the social bond between individuals and society is both one of the causes of and a component of poverty. A significant lesson learned from emergency response is that without proper attention the same structures and systems that make people vulnerable and exposed to man-made and natural hazards can leave them marginalised or excluded from emergency aid and recovery.

The 2019 AidEx conference in Brussels mid-November, will tackle the timely theme of: “The importance of inclusiveness to global progress”. I will be delivering the keynote speech on the current situation – who is getting left behind because of poverty, education, gender, race, disability, religion and what must be done to ensure they have a more equal chance in life?

Although there is importance of diversity considerations, the difficult environment and the pressure to deliver urgently hinders often a practical application. We must do better.

This edition of the ICVA Bulletin highlight’s ICVA’s longstanding commitment to diversity considerations: IASC Guidelines on the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action, ICVA Localisation briefing paper, national NGOs at the OPAG, IASC RG 2 on Accountability and Inclusion …. ICVA aims to support persons of concern so they can enjoy their rights on equal grounds and participate meaningfully in the decisions that affect their lives, families and communities.

Not just another catchphrase for ICVA.

Ignacio Packer
Executive Director | ICVA