ICRC Humanitarian Law & Policy blog: Protective by design: Safely delivering connectivity as aid

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By Rakesh Bharania, Director of Humanitarian Impact Data,; and Mark Silverman, Adviser, International Committee of the Red Cross

Over the past decade, there has been a large and growing demand for digital services – such as ‘connectivity as aid’. Such services can be of great help to people affected by conflict, including by helping connect families that have been separated, or to access legal rights. At the same time, unsafeguarded connectivity points can expose already vulnerable individuals and populations to increased risks, including targeted killing, exploitation and other harms.

In this post, Rakesh Bharania, director of humanitarian impact data at, and Mark Silverman, strategic adviser in the ICRC’s Office for Digital Transformation and Data, argue that connectivity as aid is important and should be provided, and that it needs to be designed to be secure and protective for populations receiving humanitarian assistance from the outset.

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