ICRC Humanitarian Law & Policy blog: Overcoming the disconnect: environmental protection and armed conflicts

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Environmental effects of armed conflicts do not only result from the conduct of hostilities but also from toxic or hazardous remnants of war, excessive exploitation of conflict resources, unsustainable survival strategies of affected populations, or institutional collapse. In addition to the recently released ICRC Guidelines, the International Law Commission's (ILC) work on protection of the environment in relation to armed conflicts contributes to updating the international legal response to conflict-related environmental harm.

In this post and as part of our War, Law and the Environment blog series, Ambassador Marja Lehto, Special Rapporteur of the ILC, argues that there is still no coherent legal framework for the protection of the environment in and in relation to armed conflicts. The work that has been pursued over the years by the ICRC and the ILC nevertheless reveals the potential for a more coherent reading of the applicable rules.

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