IASC Strategic Priorities 2022-2023


The Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) is the primary mechanism for the coordination of inter-agency humanitarian action, bringing together both United Nations (UN) and non-UN entities to save lives and reduce suffering. Established in 1992 by UN General Assembly (GA) Resolution 46/182, the IASC’s value and critical role as the mandated forum for principled humanitarian response, enables the Emergency Relief Coordinator (ERC) and member organizations to more effectively assist and protect people affected by conflict, disasters and other emergencies.

In October 2021, the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) endorsed its biennium Strategic Priorities (SP) for 2022-2023, namely, to collectively improve:

  1. Operational Response: by maximizing timeliness, appropriateness, transparency and cost effectiveness of the humanitarian response.

  2. Accountability and Inclusion: by systematically including feedback and representation of affected communities, proactively eradicating abuse, and ensuring that humanitarian action leaves no one behind and reaches those furthest behind first.

  3. Collective Advocacy: by maximizing the influence of targeted, informed and collective leadership to deliver operational impact.

  4. Humanitarian-Development Collaboration and its Linkages to Peace: by contributing to durable solutions, while safeguarding humanitarian space and principles.

  5. Humanitarian Financing: by reducing the funding gap, securing increased quality funding and strengthening efficiencies.