IASC-Associated Entity – Humanitarian Programme Cycle Steering Group (HPCSG), Progress Report, April-October 2019

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The most significant achievement this year was the collective development and roll-out of the Enhanced HPC Approach. The produced step-by-step guidance and HNO and HRP templates reflect improvements in priority areas identified by the HPC Steering Group at a workshop in April 2018. As a result, the new approach will enable:

• Strengthening the intersectoral analysis of needs and associated causes, vulnerabilities and risks;

• Better prioritization of needs for response;

• Identification of opportunities for multi-sectoral responses;

• Transparency of costing methodology used to estimate funding requirements;

• Systematic monitoring of needs and the collective response;

• Reinforcing joint analysis and joined up planning between humanitarian and development actors; Ensuring inclusivity through disaggregation and/or analysis of the differential impacts of the crisis and associated needs for diverse groups of people (i.e. gender, age, disability and other diversity characteristics), as well as accountability to affected people.