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Humanitarian Overview: An Analysis of Key Crises into 2018



The Humanitarian Overview: An analysis of key crises into 2018 focuses primarily on the crises that are expected to deteriorate in the coming year and outlines the likely corresponding humanitarian needs.

Based on our weekly Global Emergency Overview (GEO), we have identified 12 countries that are likely to face deteriorating humanitarian situations in 2018. We include a further six countries where the crises are already severe and likely to continue in a similar trend.

Across these countries, food security, displacement, health, and protection are expected to be the most pressing humanitarian needs in 2018.

Most humanitarian crises in this report are driven by conflict, with a spread in violence and shifts in tactics this year in several countries. The situations in Congo, South Sudan, and Venezuela are further compounded by economic crisis, and Ethiopia and Somalia are particularly affected by natural disasters.

ACAPS has taken a regional approach to analysis of the Rohingya crisis as the scope of it covers both the high influx of refugees into Bangladesh as well as those that have remained in Myanmar. While it is not easy to analyse from a regional perspective as data is primarily collected on a country level, it is valuable and ACAPS is working to expand this further in the future.

Each country section of this report covers the key driving factors of the current situation and the outlook and resulting humanitarian needs for 2018.