Humanitarian Implementation Plan (HIP): Public Awareness, Information and Communication actions in the Humanitarian Aid field (ECHO/INF/BUD/2014/91000) - Last update: 16/04/2014 – Version 1

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Effective communication about the values and impact of EU humanitarian aid is key to the continuing awareness on the importance of the deployment of relief assistance. Actions proposed under this HIP relate to communication and awareness-raising in accordance with the fifth indent of Article 4 of Council Regulation (EC) N°1257/96 of 20 June 1996.

Such actions are also in conformity with the last indent of point 97 of the European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid (COM(2007)317 final) that envisages communication on the impact and importance of European humanitarian aid to the European public.

The actions complement but do not replace the obligation of partner organisations to ensure full compliance with visibility requirements and to acknowledge the funding role of the EU/Commission, as set out in the relevant Framework Partnership Agreements (FPAs)_or the Financial and Administrative Framework Agreement (FAFA).