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Humanitarian-Development-Piece (HDP) Collaboration: Cooperation Framework Companion Piece, May 2020

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In countries affected by or at risk of crisis, including disasters, conflict, or public health emergencies, additional considerations should be taken when preparing or revising the Cooperation Framework. In many of these contexts, there are large-scale humanitarian activities underway and UN peacekeeping operations or UN political missions.

It is therefore essential that the Common Country Analysis (CCA) and Cooperation Framework are developed with stakeholders across the development, humanitarian and peace dimensions, underpinned by human rights, gender equality, people-centred approaches and conflict sensitivity to provide a comprehensive and integrated analysis of the situation and address the root causes of crises, current and emerging risks and vulnerabilities at all levels (cross-border, national, subnational and community).

Fundamental changes to peace, human rights or humanitarian situations should trigger a revision of the CCA and adjustments of the Cooperation Framework, including by taking into consideration ways in which the work on sustainable development can be leveraged to respond to the crisis and prevent escalation and relapse. The Cooperation Framework should highlight the comparative advantage of development approaches in addressing crisis drivers and recurrent risks as well as the role of development actors (including dual-mandated actors and organizations) across humanitarian, development and peacebuilding activities. See the Annex 1 for a visual representation of the main elements of the process.

This paper is structured in four main parts: 1) A common understanding of the situation through joint analysis: the CCA phase; 2) Coherent strategic planning encompassing collective outcomes: the Cooperation Framework design phase; 3) Joint programming to addres vulnerability and conflict sensitivity; and 4) Funding and financing: how to ensure better funding and more coherent financing.