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Human Rights Risk Index 2016 - Q4


Mapping global human rights risk

Over half of the 198 countries assessed in the index (55% or 110 countries) are high or extreme risk in Verisk Maplecroft Human Rights Risk Index 2016-Q4. Conflict is the key driver of human rights violations in the worst performing countries (North Korea, Somalia, Syria, South Sudan and Sudan). The failure of states to enforce legal protections for workers, and in many cases, the complicity of law enforcement authorities in repression of civil and political rights are also key factors driving countries into the higher risk categories.

The Human Rights Risk Index evaluates the risk to business in 198 countries by evaluating 26 issues, including civil and political rights, human security and labour rights. According to the index, major sourcing economies such as India, China, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Vietnam and DR Congo are among the top 30 worst performing countries, ranked extreme or high risk for violations of human rights. There is no clean bill of health for supply chains in Europe and North America, as the US and countries in southern and eastern Europe are all ranked medium risk for human rights.