How to support survivors of gender-based violence when a GBV actor is not available in your area - A step-by-step guide for humanitarian practitioners


The Pocket Guide and its supporting materials provide all humanitarian practitioners with information on:

  • How to support a survivor of gender-based violence (GBV)
  • Who discloses their experience of GBV with you
  • In a context where there is no GBV actor (including a GBV referral pathway or a GBV focal point) available.

The Pocket Guide uses global standards on providing basic support and information to survivors of GBV without doing further harm. We encourage adaptation of this resource to your local context with the support of a GBV specialist and in a manner that maintains a survivor-centered approach.

While the Pocket Guide uses a Psychological First Aid (PFA) framework (Prepare, Look, Listen and Link), previous knowledge or training on PFA is not needed. Comprehensive PFA training is encouraged.